Aros Park Walled Garden – June

I’m happy to report that we are now an officially registered charity. This will make a tremendous difference to the type of funding that we can now apply for, so this is a very good thing.

The design created for us and that we are using as a foundation requires some of the trees in the garden to be taken out. Timing of this is tricky, as we don’t want to disturb any nests within the trees, but we need to make the most efficient use of tree cutting resources. We also have to be careful that the removal of trees doesn’t make the garden look too empty, so a careful balance is being attempted.

The first working party will be held on Sunday July 21st. This is when we will really find out what we’re up against. The plan is to use this day to start to clear the site of weeds, brambles and other brash, rediscover and define the original paths, and to really see what needs to be done.