Aros Park Walled Garden – May

In order for significant funding to be sourced for the garden restoration, the group needs to be fully constituted, and ideally to become a registered charity. Therefore, an application has been made to the Scottish Charities Regulator for the group to become a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO). This process can take a while, but we are hopeful that we will be accepted.

The final piece required for us to be able to start work in the garden is to make sure that we have adequate insurance. After a fairly lengthy process to find out what we need and where this can be found, Insurance has now been purchased that covers; the group, it’s steering group, anyone working in the garden and the public visiting the garden.

Now there is nothing stopping us from making a start on this mammoth task, we will be organising the first of many working parties for the garden. This will be to make a start of clearing the weeds, brambles and other brash that is covering the garden, and to redefine the original paths through it.

We have been working with Tobermory Harbour Association to come up with a way of celebrating this new phase for Aros Park and will hopefully be running an event later in the summer.