Box Cuttings May Work Party

Sunday 8th May saw a group of 10 enthusiastic volunteers gather at the garden for a very exciting pursuit – preserving the heritage and legacy of the original box hedging that was rediscovered in the garden!
Found beside the crumbling remains of what was once a greenhouse, way-marking the old pathway, the box hedging has thrived after being uncovered from the bracken. The enormous (for box!) old trunks twist and turn under a blanket of moss, but are now topped with zingy new growth. It’s wonderful to see these long-forgotten plants gently reawakening with the garden.
Together, the group harvested cuttings from the new growth. These were popped into a recycled plastic bag to preserve moisture, misted, and taken to the potting bench. Gently tucked into a mix of 50-50 potting grit and peat free compost, housed in recycled plastic plant pots donated by the community, and aided by an organic rooting gel, we hope these box cuttings will take and grow from strength to strength.


Now, these hundreds of cuttings are making their way to their new foster homes across Tobermory and the wider North Mull community, with individuals and families taking on the care of the cuttings as they slowly put down roots. Then, once growing away well, the plants will come together again for a fundraising plant sale at the local weekly market. With the wonderful green-fingered and enthusiastic support of the local community, the next chapter of these historic box hedges will be written, and with it, another leap forwards for the garden restoration project.


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