Bracken Beating July Work Party

A showery afternoon on Sunday 3rd July saw the garden beating with activity once again. Quite literally, as the task of the day was to begin to beat back the bracken that has marched its way through the garden over the years. Not deterred by the showers, four volunteers rose to the challenge and what a difference was made!

Working in a row, carefully spaced to be well out of swinging distance from one another, the beating began! Loppers were also at the ready to snip back the stems and slowly we advanced. After an hour and a half’s hard work, the difference was phenomenal with a significant area beaten and cut back. We will tackle further swathes in future work parties and let time come to our aid, gradually weakening the bracken until it no longer returns.

Discovering more original box!

A highlight of the afternoon was another moment of discovery, as Rebecca uncovered yet another original box hedging plant beneath the bracken fronds. Starved of space and light, it is quite remarkable how well this little plant has survived.

We first discovered some box hedging plants in one of our very early work parties in 2019 and earlier this year, a group of volunteers gathered to take cuttings from the original stock to grow on. These plants are now being raised in gardens across the island, a wonderful inspiration for the restoration efforts and, once grown on, hopefully a good source of fundraising too!

Hard at work beating back the bracken

Thank you to all who took part in this bracken beating work party. Keep your eyes peeled for the next work party dates coming soon.