Breaking Ground: The Wall Repair Begins!

The arrival of June has been greeted with excitement and anticipation at Aros Park Walled Garden, as it signals the month the restoration finally breaks ground, which has been several years of fundraising and planning in the making! Top of the agenda is protecting the beautiful lime mortar stone wall that surrounds the garden, but has suffered damage over the decades, with a section that had collapsed completely. 

Fortunately, cloaked under a blanket of moss, the fallen stone has lain beneath the trees around the garden boundary ever since. The opportunity to recycle the stone and restore each piece to its former glory in the wall is one we have relished. With the help of expert Peter Holmes of Rural Skills Training, based just across the water in Ardmamurchan, that vision is being realised.

Over the course of a week, Peter, assisted by Eddie O’Donnell and a team of enthusiastic garden volunteers, worked to clear the area around the damaged section of wall. They learned how to sort and grade each stone, piece by piece, into organised piles that will facilitate the rebuild in early 2023.

Now safely organised, the rain will help to clean the piles of stone that lay hidden for so long. Once the risk of frost has passed in the spring, Peter and our wonderful volunteers will reunite in the garden and each of the saved stones waiting patiently in piles will find its place in the wall once more.


A huge thank you to the hardworking volunteers who made this crucial and exciting step possible for the restoration of the walled garden.

If you’d like to lend a spade, join us at the garden on Sunday 3rd July for some bracken bashing! Drop in between 1.30pm – 4.30pm and don’t forget gloves and tools.

Our JustGiving fundraiser is also still running for the wall, so please consider saving a stone and donating if you can. Click here to find out more.