Path Clearing & Composting Work Party

As Sunday 21st August arrived, it was once again time to pick up tools and gather in the garden. The theme of this month’s work party was to work on clearing a path, that had fast become overgrown as the season progressed, to stretch from one end of the garden to the other. In addition, we also set out to create brand-new composting bays from recycled materials.

Seven volunteers, ably assisted by a very handsome four-legged friend, gathered in the garden and set to work, and within the space of two hours the path was once again passable, and the compost bays installed just beyond the wall! We look forward to putting these to good use making compost from the fallen leaves and suitable prunings generated by the garden, to go back into the soil and replenish it one day.

We opted for a double bay design for our composting area made from recycled materials, making it easy to fill one, then turn it into the other to mature, with the first bay ready to begin filling again.

Once complete, it was time for apple crumble traybake expertly baked by trustee Rebecca – a very welcome reward after an action-packed hour or two in the garden. Thank you to all who joined us. Don’t forget our next event in the garden takes place on Sunday 18th September to ‘Make the Garden Rock‘ as we pave the way into the garden with painted pebbles created by the community. Find out how you can get involved.